About XKit
What is XKit Mobile?
XKit Mobile is the iOS version of XKit, a browser extension for Tumblr.
Unlike XKit Desktop, it is a standalone Tumblr client and does not run on top of any page or application.
What devices XKit support?
XKit Mobile supports iPhone and iPod touches running iOS 7 and later.
It also runs on iPad, but in "scaled mode". Full iPad support is coming very soon.
Is XKit associated with Tumblr?
No. Please do not contact Tumblr support for XKit related help, since they can't help you.
XKit is a completely independent project, not backed up or in any way associated with Tumblr, Inc.
Why is feature x not available?
XKit Mobile is not simply a "port" of XKit Desktop, so each and every single feature must be re-written from the ground up. But unless it's a feature that would use too much data/would be unusably slow on Mobile (such as Tag Replacer), or just wouldn't make sense on a mobile application (like Panorama), it will be made available in the future versions.

There are a lot of features I really wanted to add to the initial release, but couldn't due to burnout after ~7 months. They will be added as soon as possible. For more information, please see the next question.
When will feature x be added?
It depends on the feature. I categorize features in two: one is "Vital" and the other "Secondary". Vital features, stuff I really wanted to add but simply couldn't due to burnout, will be added as soon as possible (think version 1.0.1 - 1.1.0). "Secondary" features will be added in a few months (version 1.5 and up).

The missing "Vital features" that will be added as soon as possible are (as of version 1.0):
  • Creating photosets: You can reblog/edit photosets, but for now you can't create photoset posts.
  • Creating audio posts: You can reblog/edit audio posts, but you can't record and upload audio for now.
  • Send Fan Mail: You can reply to Fan Mail you've received (as Fan Mail), but you can't send Fan Mail for now.
Secondary features include XKit features not yet available, such as Color Quotes, Shorten Posts and others.
Can I suggest a feature?
Of course! Just send the XKit Mobile blog an ask.
I'm having problems with a feature!
I'm terribly sorry about that. Please check the Support page for more support and troubleshooting information.
How can I contact XKit Mobile support?
Just send the XKit Mobile blog an ask and I will reply as soon as possible.
Please note that due to the large amount of asks I receive, it might take a few days to get a reply. I apologize for that.
I can't login: it says my password is incorrect.
If you are getting a "CAPTCHA" error: Please login to tumblr.com using Safari on your phone. After a successful login using Safari, XKit should be able to log you in.

If your password is not accepted: If you have Two-Factor Authentication, enter your account password, not the "Generated App Password", since they are only used in official Tumblr apps. If you are still having problem, on your computer, toggle Two-Factor Authentication on and off (or turn it off, then on, if it is enabled) under Account Settings and try logging in again.

If you have Two-Factor Authentication on (recommended), Tumblr generates a random string to be used as password on their mobile apps. XKit Mobile does not use/support this, instead asks you to enter your password and then code sent to your phone, just like the website.

If you don't have Two-Factor Authentication on, please see Tumblr's Password Reset page to reset your password. It is highly recommended that you turn Two-Factor Authentication on, since it prevents anyone from accessing your account without accessing your phone.

If you still can't access your account, please send the XKit Mobile blog an ask.
Privacy & Security
What is Zink / Automatic Bug Reporting?
Zink is the codename of the Automatic Bug Reporting tool in XKit Mobile. Whenever XKit receives an error message from Tumblr, it creates and sends a bug report to XKit servers, so I can fix the problem as soon as possible. Sensitive information, such as message contents, are not sent, and your login information is, of course, not sent under any circumstances.

Even though it's very valuable tool for me when it comes to fixing bugs, and in some cases, can help me fix bugs without any bug reports, you can still turn it off from Other tab > Bug Reporting. XKit will still generate bug reports, but will not send them to XKit servers.
What is sent when I submit a bug report?
When you submit a bug report using the tool in XKit Mobile, XKit sends it's version (eg: 1.0.0) and build number (eg: 1039), your iOS version (eg: 7.0.1), and the last 5 bug reports generated by the Zink tool. If you choose to send your URL, your main blog's URL will be sent too so you can receive replies if needed.
Is my login information stored?
Absolutely not. Your e-mail and password is not even stored on the device, let alone sent to XKit servers. XKit only transmits your login information to Tumblr servers, using Secure HTTP protocol.
Why is XKit Mobile a paid product?
Even though XKit Desktop is and always will be a completely free product, XKit Mobile is unfortunately a paid product. The reason for that is that I can't simply pay the development and server costs myself, even with the donations I receive. Instead of filling the application with ads, I've decided a one-time fee that would cover up my costs is the way to go so people can enjoy XKit on their mobile devices.

I do realize that there are people who can't buy XKit Mobile for one reason or another, and to them, I apologize. Please understand that putting a price tag was the only way I could make this product a reality.
Will there be an Android/Windows Phone/etc version?
Probably. But each platform comes with it's own programming language and UI design guidelines so I can't make any promises for now, since porting the application requires a complete re-write from the ground up.
Why are updates slow on XKit Mobile?
Every application sent to App Store (that includes updates to them) must go through an approval process. This might slow down my update process, as it can take 4-5 days for an update to get approved. I'm terribly sorry about this, but there is nothing I can do about that.
Who or what is an "Ates/Atesh"?
That's the legal name of the guy also known as the "XKit Guy". He is a mid-20s guy with a terrible haircut.
What is that yellow creature thingy?
That's called a "Xenixlet". It's like a semi-mascot of XKit.