Blacklist allows you to block posts depending on the words it contain (or tags.) Just add the words you want, and if Blacklist finds it in the post, it will be hidden until you tap on it. You can also add any word to Whitelist: the post will not be blocked if it has a whitelisted word.
A blogger posting a lot of asks? Or do you like a blogger's photo posts, but don't really care about the music they share? Mute allows you to block posts from certain users depending on their type. Posts blocked by Mute will not appear on your dashboard at all.
Hate a post? Hit "Block this Post" from the options menu and it will disappear forever. When you block a post, it and all the reblogs of it will be hidden from you completely.
Want to tag all your photo posts with a tag? Or do you want to add a "queued" tag to all your queued posts? Auto-Tagging allows you to tag posts depending on their type and status (reblogged, queued)
Safe Dash
When enabled, Safe Dash replaces all the photos on your dashboard with a lock image, and will only show them when you tap on them. It can be useful when browsing your dashboard in public.
One-Tap Reply
Someone replied to one of your posts? Reply back with One-Tap Reply: just click on a notification and type your reply. XKit will create a post with their reply and your response, and tag them.
Inbox Improvements
XKit comes with Outbox that saves your sent asks and fan mail, as well as timestamps on received asks and the ability to tag asks before publishing them.
XCloud allows you to transfer your blacklist and blocked posts with a single tap. Back your XKit Desktop data and then sign in on your phone to quickly transfer them to XKit Mobile.
Disable GIFs
If you are not a fan of GIFs, you can disable them using Disable GIFs under the Other tab. And if it looks like a neat animation, just tap on the photo and it will start moving.
AlreadyReblogged turns the reblog button green if you already drafted, reblogged or queued a post. Useful if you don't like posting the same stuff over and over again.
No Recommends
Not a fan of recommended posts? You can turn them off by just flipping the switch on from the Other tab.
View Source
Found a great post? Just hit the View Source Post option on the tools menu to view the source post or blog.
Upload Quality
You can pick the quality of your video or photo posts before uploading, which can be useful if you are on a slow network or running out of data or battery.
In-App Help
XKit comes with tutorials and tips to make the best of its features. Just click on the info icon found on most menu items to learn more.