Automatic Bug Reporting
If you leave it on, XKit will send bug reports to XKit Mobile servers whenever it hits a bug. The contents of a generated bug report are:
Zink ID
Zink ID is a randomly generated number tied to your XKit installation. If you uninstall/reinstall XKit or move to another device, you will receive a new Zink ID. Your Zink ID is not tied to your account. It is used to count the number of users experiencing a problem (ie: a device sending 200 bug reports vs. 200 devices reporting the same error). If you turn off Automatic Bug Reporting and don't send bug reports, your Zink ID will not be transmitted to XKit servers.
Manual Bug Reporting
If you send a bug report using the "Report a bug" tool in the application, the information above is sent. If you enable "Contact Me" option, your main blog URL will also be sent, so you can be contacted if more information is needed to fix the problem you are experiencing.
Configuration Updates
XKit periodically checks for configuration updates. No information is sent to the XKit servers other than standard HTTP headers when checking for configuration updates.