Having problems? Sorry about that.
Hopefully, the following can fix it.
Due to App Store approval process, there might be delays on pushing updates after server-side changes.
Please check the XKit Mobile Blog for the latest news and updates and this FAQ item for more information.
Update XKit Most bugs are due to recent server changes and XKit need to be updated to support those changes. If there is an update to XKit on the App Store, please update the application.
Update Configuration Go to the Other tab, scroll down to Product Enhancement, then tap on Update Configuration and Update Now.
Restart XKit Double-tap the Home button and then swipe XKit up to close it, and then restart the application.
No luck? If these steps did not solve the problem, it is possible the bug is due to a recent change and not known yet. You can send a bug report under Help & Support panel or by sending an ask to XKit Mobile blog.
Have questions?
There is probably an answer on the FAQ.
If you couldn't find an answer to your question on the faq, you can always send an ask to XKit Mobile blog